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Smart Science's Virtual Labs Give Results

Double the pass rate
20% gain in 1 year
Record proficiency level

A high school in Brooklyn, NY decided to try Smart Science® Labs for AP biology - they set up one class using Smart Science for a year and one class without Smart Science.  The class using Smart Science had double the pass rate on the AP biology exam as the one without.


An elementary school in Brooklyn, NY implemented Smart Science® Labs in their 4th grade classes an a supplemental program to help students learn science with a focus on the topics in the 4th grade state science exam.  After their first year the school's science test scores rose 20%.

A historically underserved  middle school in Bronx, NY added Smart Science® Labs to their curriculum. After 2 years of using the program consistently the AP shared with me they reached a science proficiency of 50%, a record for their school. 


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